About us

Hello! Thank you for visiting Venues & Vendors Express. We are sooo excited to work with you and find the perfect Venue and/or Vendors for your event!

     My name is Kenya and I am the Owner of Venues & Vendors Express. For as long as I can remember I have loved parties, weddings and all kinds of celebrations. I always noticed the details in the decorations, the way the food & dessert was presented, the DJ/Music style, and was usually the first one on the dance floor. Growing up I enjoyed being a part of party planning committees, and over the years started planning friends’ and family’s baby showers and birthday parties. Eventually, I planned my own wedding, was Maid of Honor in family and friend’s weddings, & continue to plan my own children’s birthday parties. People have always sought my help and advice planning their events and I love it!
     As a mom I struggled (like so many others) looking for the balance between motherhood and career. I wanted to do something where I could have a more flexible schedule. That’s when the idea of having my own business came to me; and the realization that I should be doing the very thing I have been doing for almost 20 years anyway; finding Venues & Vendors for all kinds of celebrations and events!

So what makes me qualified to find the right Venues & Vendors for you?

1) I was born and raised in NY. I am very familiar with the different types of Venues here; such as Historic Houses/Mansions, Raw Spaces, Banquet Halls, as well as many unique venues for those looking for something a little different or personalized. I have also considered which events work best in those spaces (ex: smaller spaces for kids parties or baby showers, larger spaces for corporate events or big weddings). I have probably had events, been to events, or visited them in my research over the years.

2) Having planned my own wedding, and being the Maid of Honor in other weddings, I have the personal experience of knowing what a bride is looking for, how the Vendor search process goes, and the emotional connection to know how important it is for everything to be “right”. I also know the right places to get the specific products and services you are looking for, and if I don’t already know I am willing to do the research and foot work to find out!

3) I have a consistently updated database of Venues & Vendors that I have researched, have met, or plan to meet so I get to know their business and therefore can recommend the right one for you. I also have my dedicated “Minions” who “try out” the products and services of the Vendors to experience it first hand.

4) Whether it’s kids character theme parties, buttercream icing vs fondant, or which caterer serves soul food-we work to find it all-, you can trust that when you are working with us you are getting someone who is knowledgeable about the event planning industry, as well as someone who truly cares and loves it.

I hope that you will give our service a try and we look forward to finding the perfect Venue and/or Vendor for you!


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