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Venue Owners, Vendors, and Performers! 

We are a Venue & Vendor finding company. Our goal is to find the best Venue & Vendors for a client's event based on their specific preferences.  Are you a:

Wedding Bridal Party Prom Attire Cake baker Caterer

DJ MC Event Rental Company Florist

Hair Makeup Artist Invitations Programs Favors Performers

Photographer Limousine Rental Company Wedding Party Venue

videographer wedding event planner decorator centerpieces

We would love to add your business to our database so we can recommend you to our clients!


What's the benefit of inclusion in the VENUES AND VENDORS EXPRESS database?

  • Your business can be submitted to our clients an UNLIMITED amount of times.  The more a client's preferences match your services, the more you will be referred.
  • Your pictures and services featured on our Facebook and Instagram Page which gives your business even more visibility.
  • Unlike other wedding/event planning websites (that I have personally used myself) you don't have to wait for a client to "find" you.  When our clients submit requests for us to find Venues, Vendors and/or Performers for their events, we match them with the businesses active in our database.  We send them all of the info from your website and/or any other info you provide.  With VENUES AND VENDORS EXPRESS you get a personal referral directly to our client.
  • Get access to more serious clients who are ready to book.  Once a client has used our services to find a Venue, Vendor or Performer, they are ending the inquiry phase, and excited to finish booking their event.
  • For Performers - we are not a booking/talent agency therefore we do not take a percentage or fee if a client books you for their event.  Once you are added to our database you get an unlimited amount of referrals to clients looking for your services.

So How Do You Add Your Company To Our Database?

  1. Click below and complete the very short and easy form giving as much info about yourself/your business as possible; including contact info, (Name, number, e-mail, website), pricing/price range/minimum prices, services provided and any pictures, additional info/links you would like a potential client to have.  We also offer the option of pulling this info directly from your website for your convenience.
  2. Submit the ONE TIME $100 Fee to be added to our database for unlimited personal client referrals. NO SUBSCRIPTIONS OR ADDITIONAL FEES!



**Every month we have a "Featured Vendor" on each Vendor Category Detail Page,  where we offer a Vendor a chance to display their pictures, products, promotions, services, packages or any other information they would like a potential client to have. (See Example here)  Due to the nature of our business we do not display the Venue/Vendor Business Name.  The idea being, that a client will see the promotion/services displayed and will request that specific Vendor; wherein we will gladly send the client the Venue/Vendor contact info through our services.  You can take advantage of this opportunity to introduce a new service/product, highlight a promotion, offer a discount, and display images of your product for

Only $250

Why Take Advantage of Featured Vendor Opportunity?

  • Get More/Pay Less - Our "Featured Vendor Advertisement Fee" is less expensive than other Popular Wedding/Event Planning Websites, while also personally referring your business to our clients. You don't have to wait for your ad to be "found"
  • Automatic Client Referral - Our Featured Vendor gets automatically submitted to all clients who's preferences match your services
  • Keep Promoting Your Business - You will have the opportunity to renew your Featured Vendor Status every month where you can highlight a new service/product or promotion before we offer it to another Vendor. 

Become Featured Vendor in 3 Easy Steps:

  1. Let us know you're interested! We will check current and future availability for that month in your vendor category.
  2. Pay the "Featured Vendor Display Fee" of $250 on our site.
  3. E-mail us 1-4 pics for slideshow, embed code for video (if using one) from YouTube or Vimeo, featured promotion, sale, or product/service info. You may add this info to your pics directly or send us the info and we will add it to the pics.

CONGRATULATIONS! You will then become the "Featured Vendor" of that month.  If you are interested in this very valuable opportunity click here or e-mail us with the subject "Featured Vendor" at, or give us a call at 347-398-9948 with any questions you may have.  We really look forward to working with you!

***Special Featured Vendor opportunity is available as an addition for businesses who join our database.