Thank you for choosing VENUES AND VENDORS EXPRESS!


Here's how you get the perfect Venue/Vendor for your event in 3 easy steps:

  1. Click on the "Find My Venue/Vendor" tab.  Select the category(s) that you are interested in, (ex: Cake/Dessert Maker). Read the "Things to consider when requesting a ______" list.
  2. Complete the Venue/Vendor preferences form giving us the details of what you are looking for, including pricing & any other preferences.
  3. We will send you an e-mail with the Venue/Vendor's Name, Contact and Business information, links to their website for pictures, pricing & packages (if available), and any special notes we would like to add.

Example of what you will receive from us after placing your order:


*Although our goal is to find the perfect match, you can choose to receive up to three Venue/Vendor matches if you are not totally decided on what you are looking for and want to have options to choose from. 

**After receiving your results if you still don't think you have the perfect match, let us know, we are flexible & are willing to work with you!

***The results you receive are the best match based on your requests.  They are not based on our or any other biased opinions or reviews.  In addition, Venues/Vendors cannot pay or bargain to receive preferential recommendations/referrals from us.





So what is the cost to get the perfect Venue and/or Vendors for your event?

Only $50 per category!

What do you get for your investment?

    • Saved Time! - By letting us find your Venues/Vendors, you save the time of researching and going through countless internet search results & vendor websites that are not exactly what you are looking for.  With work, children, family, & other obligations it can take days & weeks even months to plan an event.  Your time is precious!!  We will find the best match for you in 24 HOURS OR LESS.

      • Save Money! - VENUES AND VENDORS EXPRESS has a database of hundreds of Vendors and their pricing & packages.  We can make sure you are getting the services that you want at the best value.  Ex: You believe you have found a good deal on a photographer for $1000.  We have a photographer who offers the same services for $800.  $800 + $50(our fee) = $850.  YOU SAVE $150!!

      • Personalized Results! - You receive results that are specific to your needs.  A Venue that is appropriate for your individual event in a location you prefer, within your price range.



      Who can benefit from using VENUES AND VENDORS EXPRESS?

      • DIY's who prefer not to use Event or Wedding Planners.  Do-It-Yourselfers enjoy planning events themselves and would love using our service to narrow down their searches, or take care of the "finding" a Venue/Vendor part of their planning.

      • Wedding and Event Planners usually have Venues and Vendors that they recommend or work with.  They could benefit from using our service for their client's specific requests of Venues, Vendors, and unique Performers or services they may not already have in their network.

      • Last minute Bookers - trying to plan an event in a short amount of time?  We are perfect for you!  Trying to replace a cancellation?  We have access to Vendors who are willing to accept last minute bookings.